Vesna Hocevar

Originally from Slovenia, Vesna met Moving Artists at The Car Plays 2009 where she volunteered as a stage manager.  Since then she stage managed, directed and produced with Moving Arts. Most recently she directed Moving Arts The MOSAICWONDERLAND PROJECT: an evening of  five short plays inspired by mosaics and paintings of artist Kimberly Jordan.

Before moving to Los Angeles she co-founded and managed GUD Sibi, an award-winning theatre company. It was there that she directed her first multi media performance vPETa, which sealed her fate and transformed her into a full time artist. She never looked back, surrendering herself to devising in both theatre and film world. While not completely submerged in theatre, I moonlight as a producer/Head Dreamer at a film production company Vindicated Dream.

Director: ‘The MosaicWonderland Project'(Moving Arts, 2012), ‘Warriors’ (Short, VD 2012); ‘Warriors/Car Plays’ (Off Center Festival, 2012);  ‘Cintra My Gift To Me’ (Celebration Theatre & Playwrights6, 2011); ‘TTO’ (WAGV,2011); ‘TTO’ (LAWTP, 2011); ‘Warriors/Car Plays’ (RadarLA, 2011); ‘Blank’ (MA 16THOAF , 2011), ‘A Glass of Karma’ (SMC, 2010);’She Creatures’ (MA, 2010); ‘The Successor’ (MA, 2010) ); ‘Singular Of Dice’ (MA OAF 15TH, 2009); ‘The Most Massive Woman Wins’ (SMC, 2008); ‘ 2Dance’ (stop motion animation, 2008 );

Producer: ‘Phantoms Go Down’ (Bootleg Theater, 2012); ‘Ligature’, 16THOAF( Moving Arts, 2011); ‘The Mystery of Irma Vep’ (Deconstruction Productions& Celebration Theatre; 2010), ‘ASAP Fables'(MA, 2010); 15THOAF (MA, 2009); ‘Knucklehead’ (VD, 2010); ‘Sashwood'(VD, 2009); ‘Horror Tres’ (VD, 2010)

AD: ‘Jawbone Of An Ass’ (Edinburgh Fringe, 2011); ‘Drive’ (Playwright6 & Open Fist, 2011); ‘Doomsayer’ (MA OAF 15TH, 2009); ‘Butterfly Wings’ (SMC, 2008)

SM: ‘Car Plays'(Off Center Festival, 2012); ‘Car Plays’ (RadarLA, 2011); ‘Car Plays’ (MA 2009); ’15th OAF’ (2009);
10 Years (Playwrights6, 2009)

ASM: ‘TopDog/UnderDog’ (Lillian, 2010), ‘The Prodigal Father ‘(Celebration Theatre, 2009).