A letter from the Artistic Producer of Moving Arts’ 20th Anniversary Season

Dear Friends of Moving Arts,

This fall Moving Arts turns 20! Having been a member of Moving Arts for three years, I was honored, exhilarated (and more than a little intimidated) at being selected as Artistic Producer of the company’s 20th anniversary season.

With the approach of our anniversary, buzz about a “revival” season began to circulate. A call went out for someone to curate and program a season that would revisit 20 plays from the Moving Arts canon. My creative wheels started turning… 20 for 20. 20 years. 20 plays. Reflecting on the past. Looking toward the future. Vision.

As Artistic Producer, I’m proud to announce 20/20 VISION: Moving Arts 20th Anniversary Season.

Okay. Nifty play on words, but it has to go deeper than a catch phrase. What’s below the surface? What is 20/20 vision? It is a measure of visual acuity; the sharpness of one’s vision; the keenness of one’s perception; how clearly one sees objects at a distance of 20 feet.

By taking a fresh look at 20 plays previously produced by the company, this season seeks to answer two questions: 1) How can we more keenly realize Moving Arts’ mission to develop, produce, and promote new works? 2) How can the plays produced over the last 20 years inform and inspire the company for the next 20 years?

In a producing climate where the “world premiere” is so coveted, many high caliber plays that are fortunate enough to get a first production are passed over for second, third or fourth productions and fail to generate the momentum necessary to reach broader audiences. With 20/20 VISION, Moving Arts will re-discover thought-provoking plays about which we, as a company, feel passionately; we will re-introduce these works, and ourselves, to our audience; and, most importantly, we will serve the playwrights who have graced us with their pages and generate momentum toward further productions of these plays elsewhere.

We have a lot of exciting events in store, so stay tuned! Join our mailing list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates about the season, the announcement of the 20 selected plays and an invitation to our adventurous Season Launch Event.

Best regards,

Sara Wagner
Artistic Producer
Moving Arts 20th Anniversary Season