The world of Burners

We’ll be updating this page with some non-spoilery extras and sneak peeks at the dystopian world of Burners.


As told by Guru Semp Yugur

It was during the Chambliss Primaries that the first signs of Phoenix Brigade shimmed to life: all across the Solara Quarter, ballot pods were torched and alley walls were scribed with a red winged symbol. These sigs were the beginning of one of the most gloriest insurgencies in the eastern sectors.

The Consortium virtually ignored Phoenix Brigade for two years, which allowed the faction to gain much vig among the people of Solara. Phoenix created an uprising in the most ignored and impoverished districts, spreading to East-Sec and eventually running strong to the far reaches of Laykin Sector.

Several faction leaders appeared during this time, but none more committed to the overthrow of the Consortium than Isidra Azzeh, a teacher who used the education system in Solara to spread her beliefs of the need for an uprising of skids.

The three rules of Azzeh were:
– Each faction cell must act in accordance to the orders of Phoenix Brigade leadership
– No member of Phoenix will ever steal from the people
– Never act from selfishness or intolerance

When the Consortium finally reacted, it was forced to declare a state of emergency in Solara Quarter and send in the CCDF to regain control. But Phoenix Brigade avoided the CCDF thugs and drones for years while expanding its operations. Phoenix had Solara on lock, with entire fams running ops, and youth cells using guerrilla tactics to to crack the CCDF.

The CCDF regained control of Solara Quarter eight years later only after Azzeh’s capture. But like the Phoenix, the people will rise once again. From our ashes, comes glory.


Following the burner attack on tram station Kappa in Market District 4 in January, the CCDF determined we have entered into a new phase of terrorist threats against the citizens of Avalon Protectorate. Sigs between insurgent outlier factions have increased by twenty percent in the past six months, leading advisors to spec that more extremist attacks will be carried out in the near future.

The Consortium continues to increase security at Protectorate checkpoints and elim existing security vulnerabilities, enabling our forces to better ID, restrict, and report travel of suspected outlier terrorist fighters. There has been increased synch among Consortium defense agencies and outlier informers, adding suspects to terrorlists and locating labs where the insurgents gen-eng their fighters into burners. However more work remains to be done.

Hacks into the Consortium stream continue to hamper our efforts to control the information and images received by the citizens of Avalon Protectorate regarding the ongoing conflict in the outer sectors.

Earlier this year, efforts by CCDF forces expelled the R-10 Rebels and the People’s Command from major outlier strongholds in northen Solara Quarter and Echo Sector. Notwith, Phoenix Brigade increased its attacks on CCDF forward operating bases, resulting in increased militia casualties and stalled offensive operations.