Sept 19-20, 2015

The exciting second year of the Moving Arts Development Lab (MADLab) brought together a new group of Los Angeles playwrights, dramaturgs and, finally, audiences at the First Look Reading Series.

The 2015 MADLab plays:

and the meek by Natyna Bean

Directed by Chuma Gault

JJ Strong, Dramaturg

Cast: Zuri Adele, Justin Alston, Theo Perkins, Cece Tio

Though working in a liquor store is not what Gentry envisioned doing when she prematurely returns home from school, she fights to adjust to the new occupation along with the many changes in her neighborhood. However, when a childhood friend appears in the midst of a blizzard, she discovers that she is just as unsure about what has happened to the neighborhood as she is about what happened to herself.

The Panther by Jennifer Maisel

Directed by Lindsay Allbaugh

Dana Schwartz, Dramaturg

Cast: Rebecca Davis, Cheryl Huggins, Zoe Lillian, Erick Lopez, Andrew Puente, Michael Hammond, Marco Naggar

For Alyson, being the mom of the high school quarterback means being loyal, aggressive – and always having your claws sharpened.  So when a new star quarterback moves to town Alyson carefully considers her prey.  The Panther explores the ferocity of the mothers responding to the actions of their sons, all while asking the question – who really lives in the mascot suit?

This Is Only A Test by Eric Reyes Loo

Directed by Casey Stangl

Shelagh McFadden, Dramaturg

Cast: Michael Hammond, Emily Chase, Lindsay LaVanchy, David Lorell, Bianca Lemaire, Tom Williamson, Lainnie Felan

In the wake of Sandy Hook, Washington High is training its students to fight back through a series of Active Shooter Drills. However, the more prepared these students are, the less safe they feel.

News For The Deaf Man by Brian J. Polak

Directed by Doug Oliphant

Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko, Dramaturg

Cast: Tim Cummings, Andrew Robinson, Christopher Salazar, Laura Buckles

Having reached rock bottom, Harry reconnects with his estranged artist father. When the old man’s health appears in decline, Harry is caught between cashing in his famous father’s art in order to save himself, and reconciling their long-ago destroyed relationship.

The Ghost by Dan Steele

Directed by Darin Anthony

Jennie Webb, Dramaturg

Cast: Daniel Dorr, Zoe Lillian, Mandy Turpin, Deanna Lawrence

Sara Morgan was abducted and held captive for over a year in a cold Minnesota basement. But her return home to her mother isn’t exactly a return to freedom. When she accepts an offer to write a book about her experience, can she use her ghost-writer to finally get the escape she’s looking for?


Special Thanks to Cherry Lawn Circle, Los Angeles County Arts Commission and The Lyric Hyperion for their support in making this program possible.