3:00 PM – This Quintessence of Dust by Cory Hinkle | Elyse Griffin, Dramaturg | Directed by Darin Anthony
Jane goes on vacation to Los Angeles to meet up with friends, but in a moment of weakness has a coffee with her ex, Chip. Unfortunately, that’s the exact moment that the apocalypse occurs. Now, Jane and Chip have to save the world, or at the very least, figure out whether the human race is worth saving.

4:30 PM – America Adjacent by Boni Alvarez | Alicia Tycer, Dramaturg | Directed by Alana Dietze
Six pregnant women journey from the Philippines to Los Angeles to birth US citizens. Will the promise of the legendary American Dream and all its offerings hold up while sequestered in a not-so-dreamy birthing house?

6:30 PM – Overburden by Tira Palmquist | Matthew Quinlan, Dramaturg | Directed by Beth Lopes
After Grandpa Gunnar’s funeral, Carl is convinced that there’s an inheritance hidden in the boxes and detritus in Gunnar’s house. To Gunnar’s daughter, Nan, there’s nothing of value in the house — nothing of value in Gunnar’s legacy, nothing to inherit but grief and sorrow. As they sort through the house, Carl learns how true that is.