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Dramaturg: Trey Nichols
Director: Chuma Gault
Cast: Mia Danelle, Arvin Lee, Devere Rogers, Anne Yatco, Julian Yuen
Four sheltered Chinese-American teens want to perform an original rap song for their church’s talent show but none of them know how to DJ. When an African-American student answers their flyer, they all must confront their prejudices. A play about the appropriation of African-American culture by young Asian-Americans.

HAMMER by Makeda Declet
Dramaturg: Alicia Tycer
Director: Devere Rogers
Cast: Jonathan Burke, Tonya Ingram, Sonia Jackson , Bianca Lemaire, Burl Moseley, Angelique Payne, Janelle Pearson, Devere Rogers
A self-styled playwright finds himself trapped within destructive family dynamics, unrequited love, and the burning desires of his own imagination. As he fights to escape the oppressive systems surrounding him, he becomes more of the thing he hates. Inspired by the tragic true story of the murder of an aspiring actress in 1978, Hammer is a look inside the mind of a man putting art before all else.

CAT CALL by Nayna Agrawal
Dramaturg: Paige Vehlewald
Director: Jeff Liu
Cast: Kennedy Kabasares, Ravi Kapoor, Vee Kumari, Nardeep Khurmi, Sharon Muthu, Cora Vander Broek
What happens when you strive for more…do you become the best version of yourself or the least content version of everything? At the intersection of girl versus woman, young versus old and possible versus past, Nina Rao confronts this conundrum…with disastrous results.

FOOTPRINT by Jennie Webb
Dramaturg: Elyse Griffin
Director: Laura Stribling
Cast: Liza Fernandez, Stacy Highsmith, Scott Krinsky, Doug Sutherland, Tania Verafield
Anna is suddenly having difficulties navigating her life in LA—is it being without a car or being stalled by a “Denver Boot of Sorrow?” And then there’s that body following her around. FOOTPRINT is a new play about loss, mystery and leaving one’s mark.