Moving Arts MADlab 2021 Playwright

(As of Yet Untitled Play)

by Peppur Chambers

Peppur Chambers is an international writer/producer/educator. A member of Circle X Emerging Playwrights Group, and Antaeus Playwrights Lab, she uses her voice to scream, shout or sing about women’s issues, social justice, and love. Next up, is End of the Line, a radio play about human trafficking to be featured in Antaeus Theatre Company’s The Zip Code Plays Season Two. Her plays For the Love of You, House Rules, The Build UP, Dick & Jayne Get A Life and one-woman show, Harlem’s Awakening: Storytelling Live have been produced in Los Angeles and Prague. A published novella author, she’s also recently directed a short film she co-wrote, Do Something, shot during the pandemic, social distanced and entirely on iPhones. Learn more at where she tells stories of heroes, including her own.