Fathers at a Game

faag3By Trey Nichols

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“It’s a relevant, powerful story of the way imagination mollifies tragedy and pain…this isn’t an ordinary football game.” – Huffington Post

“An excellent example of why the Hollywood Fringe Festival is equivalent to off-off Broadway. Somehow it attracts brilliant directors (Vesna Hocevar); writers (Trey Nichols); and actors (Luke Baybak, Tony Williams, Wendy Elizabeth Abraham).” – examiner.com

Fantasy and reality collide with deadly force in this explosive play.  Moe and Eddie are buddies watching their sons playing football…or are they? Something strange is gurgling underneath this hilarious and harrowing portrait of the Americn Dream.  Be careful which side you root for.

Written and Produced by Trey Nichols
Co-produced by Jenny Gillett and Diana Woody
Directed by Vesna Hocevar
Cast:  Wendy Elizabeth Abraham, Luke Baybak, Tony Williams

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