August 25 & 26, September 1 & 2, 2012

Meet Me @ Metro (M3-III), Watts Village Theater Company’s third annual celebration of transit and the performing arts, featured “Paranormal Communications Specialist” by Moving Arts. Audience members rode the Metro Gold Line and ventured into East Los Angeles to discover its unique history and culture.

Paranormal Communications Specialist
When the soul of an infamous character from L.A.’s noir history is haunting Mariachi Square, who you gonna call? Dr. Laveau Simone, Paranormal Communications Specialist, is on the scene!

Produced by Cece Tio
Directed by Dana Schwartz
Written by Terence Anthony

Saidah Arrika Ekulona – Dr. Laveau Simone, PCS
Casey Nelson – Mickey Cohen
Lemuel “Lem” H. Thornton III – Oscar
Danijel Sraka
Derrick Bates
Kaian Bates
Shelley Bates
Skyler Bates
Rebecca Davis
Vesna Hocevar
Steve Lozier