Car Plays: Interchange2015 WoW Festival at the La Jolla Playhouse
October 9 – 18, 2015

For the 2015 WoW Festival, The Car Plays returned with a new twist. Typically, each play in a line of five cars tells a different story, unrelated to the others in the row, but with The Car Plays: Interchange, the five plays shared a common storyline or theme.

Artistic Producer and Creator of The Car Plays: Paul Stein
Producer: Cece Tio^
Producer: Kim Glann^
Producer: Lemuel “Lem” H. Thornton III^
Associate Producer: Wendy Elizabeth Abraham^

Director: Jessica Bird
Assistant Director: Jaime Gutfeldt
Stage Manager Wk 1: Jamie Gillcrist
Car Hop Wk 1/Stage Manager Wk 2: Tori Harris
Car Hop Wk 2: Danielle Siry

Playwright: Terence Anthony^
Featuring: Sarah Errington, Salvador Velasco, Braulio Ramirez

That Time She Proposed
Playwright: Dana Schwartz^
Featuring:  Jyl Kaneshiro, Kym Pappas

Playwright: David Myers
Featuring: Jacque Wilke, Joshua Jones, Braulio Ramirez

The Night Gwen Stacy Died
Playwright: Trey Nichols^
Wig Designer: Peter Herman
Featuring: Callie Prendiville, Dave Rivas, Mark C. Petrich

Epic Love
Playwright: Jami Brandli^
Featuring: Tom Kilroy, Loie Gail

Director: Michael Schwartz
Stage Manager: Aaron Rozenfeld
Car Hop: Lemuel “Lem” H. Thornton III

A Theory of Transfer
Playwright: Ron Klier
Featuring: Richard Jessie Johnson, Wendy Waddell

Playwright: Bekah Brunstetter
Featuring: Erin McIntosh

Terra Firma
Playwright: Michael David
Featuring: Kathi Copeland, Steve Schlam

Hell Hath Fury
Playwright: Jeff Liu
Featuring: Joe Paulson, Katie Harroff

The Fourth Time We Met
Playwright: JJ Strong^
Featuring: Beth Gallagher, Michael Nieto

Director: Lisa Berger
Stage Manager: Susan Benninghoff
Car Hop: Rebecca Doyle Dorado

One Star Driver
Playwright: Antonio Sacre
Featuring: Steven Lone

Playwright: Paul Stein
Featuring: Connor Sullivan, Caroline Floto

Until I Know
Playwright: Aaron Henne
Featuring: Jeff Howard

Near Miss
Playwright: Bryan Davidson
Featuring: Savvy Scopelleti, Veronica St. Clair

What the Heart Wants
Playwright: Jennifer Maisel
Featuring: Melissa Fernandes, John Tessmer


^ denotes Moving Arts member
All photos © Jim Carmody 2015