January 25 – February 2, 2013


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Lunch by Ron Klier; directed by Ross Kramer *
Three coworkers (Dan Alemshah, Daniel Hagwood and Tony Maggio ) heatedly debate the most important decision of the day: where to go to lunch.

We Wait by Steve Lozier; directed by Lisa Berger
Two loyal dogs (Samantha Ginn and Kyle Lucy) wait in a car for their owners, wondering if they will ever come back…

Todd’s Hollywood Tours by Trey Nichols; directed by Dana Schwartz
Actor Todd Weemer (Brent Popolizio) and his mom Dorothy (Mary Beth Pape) prepare audiences for a special insider’s tour of Hollywood. This is “Hollywood like you never imagined imagining it!” Complimentary Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider served at every performance!

#Sandy by Jennifer Maisel; directed by Larry Biederman *
An endless wait. A marriage frays. When will the storm really be over? With Chuma Gault and Jacqueline Wright.

Two Fellas, One Fella by Paul Stein; directed by Michael David
In the heart of the San Fernando Valley, two men (Jonathan Amirkhan and Ronnie Clark) have to first pick up and then deliver a package in a specified vehicle.


Drop-Off Day by EM Lewis; directed by Michael Shutt
Barbara (D.J. Harner) has been helping her daughter, Soo-Min (Mia Danelle), move into the dorm on her first day at USC…but driving away after is proving to be really, really hard.

Casey & Casey by JJ Strong; directed by Steve Lozier *
An awkward first date turns mortifying when two young teens (Lucy Eaton and Dylan La Rocque) stumble upon an unwelcome discovery.

Ski Mask by Nick Jones directed by Darin Anthony * **
A crew of actors (Daria Balling and David Youse) plans to rob a bank, and hopefully get discovered, without being caught.

Skipped by David Myers; directed by Kimberley Browning
A drunken teenager tries to dodge the cab fare, but the cabbie is onto him. And he’s not taking it anymore. With Matthew Siegan and Westley Swihart.

Gaping mouth of a Hungry earth by Bekah Brunstetter; directed by Casey Stangl * **
In the wake of a devastating earthquake, a father and daughter plan their next move. With Rebecca Davis, Ayden Westmoreland and Stoney Westmoreland.


The Carpool by Jennifer Barclay; directed by Amanda McRaven
Ms. Blackwell has been doing lots of naughty, naughty downsizing around the office. The members of the carpool are out to set her straight. With Rachel Grate, Sage Howard and Mercedes Manning

A Boy and His Car by Marco Ramirez; directed by Paul Stein * **
A young man apologizes to his best friend for betraying their friendship. With John Copeland and Randy Wade Kelley.

What Happened to Us by Bryan Davidson; directed by Aaron Henne
He keeps driving up and down this mountain road. She can’t wait to get to the lake. Tonight, two memories intersect. With Mark McClain Wilson and Maya Parish.

The Cake by Julie Marie Myatt; directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera * **
It’s just a wedding and just a cake…until it’s not. With Miguel Angel Caballero, Leandro Cano and Katherine Lee

The Duo by Jessica Blaire Smith; directed by Jason Duplissea
On the fateful day of the Comic Con costume contest, two friends (Tony DeCarlo and Michael Zlotnik) confront the future of their dynamic duo.

* World Premiere **South Coast Repertory Commission