In response to popular demand, the Segerstrom Center invited Moving Arts to bring The Car Plays back to Orange County in January and February 2018 for Segerstrom Center’s annual Off Center Festival. Conceived by Paul Stein, The Car Plays is “adventurous theatre packed into a Jeep or a Jetta or an Audi” (Huffington Post). Audiences of two move from vehicle to vehicle, experiencing a series of ten-minute plays by different playwrights. Once participants are ushered to their car seats, the car doors close and the drama unfolds just inches away. Ten minutes later, the doors open, a seat in a new car awaits, and a fresh play begins. Moving Arts presented several World and Orange County-premiere plays in its lineup of 15 plays.

Artistic Producer/Conceiver: Paul Stein
Producers: Kim Glann, Lisa Marschall, Cece Tio
Stage Managers: Maggie Marx, Reed Sights, Aaron Rozenfeld

Download the digital program.

Abraham and Isaac by Allain Rochel; directed by Kimberley Browning
Abe – William Christian
Isaac – Bret Connell

Anniversary Party by Jon Kern; directed by Diana Wyenn
Mei – Sharon Omi
Harold – Alberto Isaac
Nathan – Albert Park

Disneyland by Paul Stein; directed by Kiff Scholl
Dad – Bruce Nozick
Mom – Shanti Reinhart

Epic Love by Jami Brandli; directed by David Youse
Chris – Anne Etue
Pat – Jane Macfie

It’s Not About the Car by Stephanie Alison Walker; directed by Dana Schwartz
Vic – Stirling Bradley
Marla – Tania Getty

Near Miss by Bryan Davidson; directed by Kim Glann
Nancy – Madelynn Fattibene
Kristy – Veronica St. Clair

One Star Driver by Antonio Sacre; directed by Elisa Bocanegra
Driver – Ephraim Lopez

Party Girls by Tira Palmquist; directed by Chuma Gault
Jaz – Julissa Merius
Sasha – Tristina Bryant

Reality Check by Nayna Agrawal; directed by Sara Wagner
Tia King – Janelle Renae Pearson
James Kilroy – Chad Coe

She Beside Me, Sitting by Finegan Kruckemeyer; directed by James Elkin
Her – Alexandra Grossi
Him – Johnny Clark

Start by Terrence Anthony; directed by Deena Selenow
Charles – Réchard François
Angela – Alexa Vellanoweth
Eddy – Aaron Rozenfeld

Terrible Amazing by Dan Steele; directed by Darin Anthony
Danny – Carlos R Chavez
Dan – Chris Jewell Valentin
Daniel – Joe Camareno

That Time She Proposed by Dana Schwartz; directed by Madison Mellon
Laura – Sarah Rosenberg
Mandy – Stacy Highsmith

The Magic Car by Lisa Kenner Grissom; directed by Ross Kramer
Dad – Mark Bramhall
Stu – Tony DeCarlo

The Night Gwen Stacy Died by Trey Nichols; directed by Lee Wochner
PeterParker72 – Jason Duplissea
Ben – Jon Amirkhan
Gwen Stacy – Heather Ann Gottlieb