January 14, 15, 20, 21, 2012

The Car Plays took Orange County by storm at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center’s Off-Center Festival, featuring nine days of adventurous theatre, music and dance.


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PCH by Trey Nichols | Directed by Kim Glann
A husband and wife (Michael Shutt and Sara Wagner) become disoriented on their way to finalize divorce papers. Was a wrong turn taken? Or is something murkier going on…?

Flooding by Jami Brandli | Directed by Michael Shutt
Brenda and Charlie (Rebecca Davis Robertson and Magee Kundrat) try to take a simple drive to a coffee shop but there’s a problem. Brenda has a phobia of cars and Charlie has a phobia of small spaces.

Choke Chain by Jennifer Maisel | Directed by Sara Wagner
A daily drive takes an unusual turn. A dream derailed. How long do you have to be your sister’s keeper? With Carolyn Almos and T. Lynn Mikeska.

Five and a Half Weeks by Leslye Headland | Directed by Larry Biederman
A brief encounter between two co-workers (Stoney Westmoreland and Jennifer Sorenson) leads to sexual and moral frustration.

Two Fellas, One Fella by Paul Stein | Directed by Michael David
Two men (Jon Amirkhan and Gary Marschall) for hire attempt to score a package, waiting for them in an unknown vehicle. The pickup and expectant delivery does not go as planned.


Custody* (Jan 14 & 15) by Morgan Krantz | Directed by Steve Lozier
An eleven-year-old boy (Sean Eaton), while spending time with his father (Tony DeCarlo), is forced to decide which parent will win his custody.

How Gravity Works* (Jan 20 & 21) by Terence Anthony | Directed by Ronnie Clark
A displaced mother and daughter (Diarra Kilpatrick and Wynter Daggs) struggle to overcome a broken promise.

Prom: Time Out by Meghan Gambling | Directed by Jenifer Yeuroukis
A clandestine tutorial outside senior prom tests the boundaries of Lydia (Sarah Greyson) and Katie’s (Katie Malia) friendship.

The Audience by Kiff Scholl | Directed by Matt Bretz
What is supposed to be a compelling night of site-specific theater, comically devolves, as the play never starts and the audience is forced to fend for themselves. With David Youse and Ron Morehouse.

Am I Losin’ by Ron Klier | Directed by Ross Kramer
Pat (Derrick LeMont) visits the old neighborhood and runs into Karl (Andrew Miller), who resents his successes. Proof that, for Pat, you really can never go home again.

Foolish Heart by Steve Yockey | Directed by Ron Klier
Keith (Johnny Clark) would do anything to help his wife Mindy (Jennifer Christopher) cope with her manic grief. Almost anything. This time she might have gone too far.

* Due to the performers’ young age, these two plays are sharing a time slot.


Easy Listening by Craig Wright | Directed by Paul Stein
A suicidal man (double cast: Jeffrey Johnson and Tony Maggio) can’t decide on the right song to kill himself to — until a call from his wife (Jenny Gillett) helps him see the obvious answer.

Bohemian. Like You. by EM Lewis | Directed by Darin Anthony
Richie (Peter James Smith) has known Melody (Daria Balling) and Don (Warren Davis) forever. But he didn’t know they did this…

Waiting for the Tow by Herman Poppe | Directed by Kimberley Browning
A couple (Lauren Letherer and Vince Parenti) in their 40s, wait for a tow truck, only to discover the car might not be their only problem.

Warriors by Will Hackner | Directed by Vesna Hocevar | Assistant Director Lemuel Thornton III
Two wounded veterans (Luke Baybak and Brent Popolizio) come to grips with their own mortality and friendship when faced with their impending deaths.

The Love of Make-Believe by JJ Strong | Directed by Kiff Scholl
A maid-of-honor and a best man (McCready Baker and David Bertolami) indulge in a post-reception tryst that leaves them both hopelessly caught between their pasts and futures.