August 2nd – August 31st, 2002

How well do you really know your family? Impostors is a dark comedy that explores what binds us to our loved ones, even when we aren’t certain who they are anymore. A poorly timed left turn changes everything for the Delanceys, whose suburban life in west Philadelphia was, if not idyllic, at least predictable.

Written by Justin Warner

Directed by Nikki Hevesy

Featuring: Rebecca Hayes / Eric Kushnick / Stu Levin / Jan Munroe / Alec Nemser / Toby Rolt / Marcie Lynn Ross / Echo Serna

Produced by Marie Wente

Prop Design by Julie Briggs

Composer – Jim Covell

Lighting Design by Erin Hearne

Graphic/Program Design by Liesel Kopp

Sound Design by Dave Marling

Set Design by Chuck Parker

Assistant Director – Echo Serna

Stage Manager – Marie Wente

Costume Design by Meghan Wincor