15th Annual Premiere One-Act Festival


In celebration of the fifteenth year of the festival, Moving Arts designed a variety of programming that included:

  • Two alternating evenings of short plays(Parables and Passions)
  • An evening of plays by EM Lewis (Flight)
  • A site-based event at the Natural History Museum (Arachnotopia)
  • The world premiere of Blood and Thunder
  • A Staged Reading Salon



Three darkly entertaining tales of the bizarre and creepy.

“Doomsayer” by Steve Lozier
Cassie knows that bad things are going to happen today, but no one ever believes her.Directed by Matthew McCray
Featuring: Laura Buckles, Jessica Chisum, Tony DeCarlo, and Krystal Marshall

“He Was Ripped Apart by Something Slimy Under the Bed” by Emily Martin
A disturbing tale of neglect and the things that go bump in the night.
Directed by Joe Gill
Featuring: Jeffrey Cannata, Magee Kundrat, and Faris Matthews.

“Alien Hand Syndrome” by Michael Erickson
**Competition Winner!**
Mark suffers from a very real but very rare disease.
Directed by John Farrell
Featuring: Daria Balling, Laura Buckles, Timothy O. Johnson and Michael Silva



Four electric stories about men and women and the heated dynamics between them.

“The Play About The Menu at Simon’s Coffee Shop” by D.T. Arcieri
A story of sex, love and diner food.
Directed by Josh Galitsky
Featuring: Nicholas Forbes, Jill Saunders, Elizabeth Schmidt, and David Storrs

“He Said She Said” by Lee Wochner
Bad poetry brings an unlikely couple together.
Directed by Ross Kramer
Featuring: Bostin Christopher and Rebecca Davis

“Not My Problem” by Stacey Leigh Miller
Directed by Libby Letlow
Featuring: Stacey Leigh Miller and David Storrs

“Move” by Trey Nichols
Directed by Lee Wochner
Featuring: Laura Buckles, Liz Harris, Rebecca Davis and Brian Newkirk




“These productions are all excellent.” – LA Weekly

“Powerful.” – Beverly Press

Moving Arts’ Resident Artist, E. M. Lewis, was honored this past year by both the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and the American Theater Critics Association for her play “Song of Extinction.” As part of this year’s festival, we have chosen to celebrate this amazing talent by showcasing a series of her shorter work. The night includes six short plays, including a brand new piece entitled, “The Incident Report.”