BLISS (or Emily Post is Dead!)

Written By Jami Brandli
Directed by Darin Anthony
November 3 – December 10, 2018

Atwater Village Theatre


It’s 1960 and America is in the midst of a civil upheaval. But in North Orange, NJ, an immaculate suburb with all the trappings of a prosperous, modern society: afternoon tea parties, electric appliances, and JELL-O!, “Progress” and “Science” are the buzzwords of the day. In this farcical, domestic tragicomedy, the classical Greek heroines, Clytemnestra and Medea, have been recast as pill-popping housewives, and Antigone is the lovelorn, teenage girl next door. Their “blissful” lives are up ended when Cassandra, a colored girl new to town and cursed with the gift of prophecy, arrives with a mind to free them from their dark destinies.

A joint world premiere presented by Moving Arts at Atwater Village Theatre in association with Moxie Theatre, San Diego, CA, and Promethean Theatre, Chicago, IL.


Clementine – Ann Noble

Maddy – Jacqueline Misaye

Antonia – Becca Gordon

Cassandra – Jasmine St.Clair

Apollo/Dr. Smith – Andrew Carter



Cece Tio – Producer

Chuma Gault – Assistant Director

Amanda Knehans – Set Design

Ebony Madry – Lighting Design

Gabrieal Griego – Sound Design

Allison Dillard – Costume Design

Jackie Hartenfels – Props Designer

Amanda Garcia – Production Stage Manager

Courtney Rhodes, Kirsten Turkle, & Emily Tuñon – Assistant Stage Managers

Raul Staggs – Casting Director

Demand PR – Publicist