Isolation Inn

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Synopsis: Shauna Silverman has always believed that every cloud has a silver lining—even if that cloud is a pandemic. With a generous heart—and an eye toward self-promotion—the former sitcom actress springs into action when the “Safer at Home” emergency order is issued in Los Angeles on March 19th by offering the unoccupied rooms in her quaint L.A. Bed & Breakfast to “essential workers” and others who need to self-isolate.

With humor, heart and a few surprises along the way, Isolation Inn weaves together the lives and stories of a range of characters in the early weeks of COVID-19. All who have found their way to Shauna’s residence and start their path to becoming a fragile family as they navigate the new normal alone together.


Episode 1, INNtroductions

Shauna Silverman – former child star and current Bed & Breakfast owner – decides to open her home to LA’s Essential Workers at the start of the Pandemic shut-down.  Can these 9 strangers find safety and community as they make their first INN-troductions – at Isolation Inn?

Episode 2, INNdefinitely

It’s week three of the quarantine and the honeymoon is over.  Will our “Innmates” be driven apart or will the uncertainty of the world bring them closer as they realize they might be together INN-definitely – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 3, INNdeterminate

After a month together at Shauna’s house, the “Innmates” have lots of questions and no good answers.  Will they find a missing body?  Why does the new girl look so familiar?  What is Lu baking next?  All those answers are still INN-determinate – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 4, INNspirational

Between demanding relatives, missing bodies, burgeoning fame and old flames, the “Innmates” have a lot on their plate.  Planning a Virtual Memorial only adds to the mix.  Will their balancing act be a disaster, or will it be INN-spirational – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 5, INNdebted

To keep spirits up, Shauna declares today “Gratituesday”, encouraging the “Innmates” to reach out to their people and say thank you.  Will connecting with the outside world derail them, or will they remember they are truly INN-debted – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 6, INNjustice

Moving forward a few months to the Summer of Covid, the world looks very different. The senseless murder of George Floyd and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests fuel the “Innmates” reality. Will they be able to come together as a family, or will the INN-justice of racism drive them apart – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 7, INNvisible

All of the “Innmates” are struggling to be seen – at work, at home, in the world and in love.  Can they find the connections they all so desperately need or are they doomed to stay INN-visible – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 8, INNdependent

It’s the 4th of July and LA sounds like the world is being blown up.  As the noise increases, so do tensions.  Misunderstandings, fighting, illness, pain and difficult choices abound.  Will the “Innmates” explode in a shower of sparks, or can they stay INN-dependent – at Isolation Inn.

Episode 9, New BegINNings

After nearly six months of living together, it’s time to ask:  Who will stay?  Who will seek new opportunities?  Will there be Happily Ever After or Heartbreak?  Life or Death?  Success or Failure?  Tragic endings or New Beg-INNings – at Isolation Inn

Isolation Inn is a collaborative Moving Arts company project conceived by Trey Nichols and Dana Schwartz and written by Moving Arts company members Laura Buckles, Jackie Moses, Trey Nichols, Dana Schwartz, Michael Shutt, and Khari Wyatt.

DirectorDarin Anthony*


Producer/EditorGabrieal Griego*

Assistant producers – Joy Dabbs & Kirsten Turkle


Clint Keller
Nathan Mohebbi
Lamont Webb

*Denotes company member


Our talented guest artists are Moving Arts company members as well as actors from our local LA theatre scene and beyond including: Jon AmirkhanDarin Anthony*, Rebecca Davis*, Tony DeCarlo, Daniel Dorr*, Alexis Genya*, Stacy Highsmith*, Brian Macken, Jackie Moses*, Rob Nagle, Devere Rogers*, Peter James Smith, Mark Stephenson, Jeorge Bennett Watson, Khari Wyatt*, and Marlow Wyatt*


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“Dana Schwartz wrote fantastic stuff for TITC and knocks it out of the park in this seamlessly produced high-concept jam ! Seriously impressive! Amazing theatrical endeavor, better executed than anything of a serial nature I have yet to see in quarantine… this is tough stuff to pull off. Great acting all around too.”
– Theatre is the Cure

“Sincerely, I do a lot of Zoom content- this is AMAZINGLY brilliant, best thing I’ve ever seen on Zoom, and so seamless. GREAT writing, GREAT Acting, Awesome directing and absolutely brilliantly produced & edited. My Goodness THANK YOU, BRAVO ?❤️”
– Viewer

“This show has helped me get through the isolation of this pandemic. I know it’s a Zoom show, but Isolation Inn has been able to touch me in ways other Zoom shows haven’t. Thank you for making this show!”
– Viewer

“This show has helped me get through the isolation of this pandemic. I know it’s a Zoom show, but Isolation Inn has been able to touch me in ways other Zoom shows haven’t. Thank you for making this show!”
– Viewer