The Absence of Weather

Written by Ken Urban
Directed by Mark Seldis
Assistant Director: Lisa Gruber
February 26 – March 26, 2005


In May 1949, James Forrestal, President Truman’s Secretary of Defense, attempts suicide and his wife commits him to the Bethesda Naval Hospital. The architect of cold-war paranoia fears that Russians have not only infiltrated the highest ranks of the U.S. government, but are hiding in the bushes outside his home. Forrestal confides in a fellow patient about his rise to power and the choices that he made to protect the country. But if a man makes choices he’s not proud of, even if it’s for the larger good, is that man still right? An American tragedy about the wages of fear.



Dale Duko

Jeffrey Landman

Jodie Schell

Alexander Wells

Tristan Wright



Scenic: Paul DeDoes

Sound: Mike Peters

Costumes: Meghan Wincor

Lighting: Chris Wojcieszyn