The Mosaicwonderland Project part I

World-Premiere plays and scenes by: Terence Anthony, Donna Buckles, Jeanette Farr, Trey Nichols, and Dana Schwartz
Director: Vesna Hocevar
June 1-2, 2012

The MosaicWonderland Project is part of an ongoing Moving Arts’ project that explores the relationship between visual and performance arts. In collaboration with our neighbor, the fantastic gallery MosaicWonderland, and its artist/owner Kimberly Jordan, Moving Arts presents a night of scenes and monologues inspired by the mosaics and paintings in MosaicWonderland’s current exhibition. Moving Arts actors and friends will bring Ms. Jordan’s art pieces to life onstage. After the show, the audience is invited next door to the art gallery to view the pieces themselves.



Wendy Elizabeth Abraham

Daria Balling

Laura Buckles

Jenny Gillett

Tony Maggio

Susan Sommer

Tony Williams



Jenny Gillett