Written by Mac Rogers
Directed by Darin Anthony
January, 2015

A woman googles “painless suicide” and finds the people who will help her end her life – if she’ll let them film it. VIRAL is a frank, humane and surprisingly funny look at some very complex issues – assisted suicide, fetish, dignity and privacy in the age of viral videos, where there’s nothing so twisted that it doesn’t have an audience.


Alicia Adams

Oscar Camacho

Daniel Dorr

Mariel Maroney

Mark Kinsey Stephenson



“Alicia Adams…provides the gravitas that makes everything else in the play possible. If the subject matter doesn’t shock you, go for the wonderful acting…” – KCRW

“… an intelligent, fast-moving comedy that reaches well into the depths.” – Theatre Ghost

Viral Teaser #1

Viral Teaser #2

Viral Teaser #3