August 23-24, 2014

At the start of 2014, a group of like-minded theater artists convened in Silver Lake where they united their creative forces to form the Moving Arts Development Laboratory, a.k.a. MADlab. Through a collaborative effort combining the talent of dramaturgs, playwrights, actors and directors in a series of cold readings, workshops, moderated feedback and intense note sessions these MADlab plays – a natural outgrowth of our commitment to Los Angeles-based playwrights – support and celebrate bold new theater that inspires artists and theater-goers alike.

The 2014 MADlab plays:

Burners MADlab

Burners by Terence Anthony
Directed by Gabrieal Griego
Jami Brandli and Cece Tio, Dramaturgs
Cast: Chuma Gault, Sara Wanger, Wendy Elizabeth Abraham
The future. A resistance movement rising from the slums fights against an oppressive corporatocracy using “Burners;” humans bio-engineered to become living bombs. As war rages, a woman named Liv seeks out a mysterious smuggler to help her return home.


Space by Dana Schwartz
Directed by Diana Wyenn
Darin Anthony, Dramaturg
Cast: Jason Duplissea, Jonathan McClain, Claudia de Vasco
Two co-workers with “very different lives” decide to trade places for a few days to see how the other half lives.

Sisters Three MADlab

Sisters Three by Jami Brandli
Directed by Michael Shutt
Christopher J. Raymond, Dramaturg
Cast: Karen Jean Olds, Kara Hume, Dana Schwartz
The Bronte sisters, modern day. Due to the death of their brother, Charlotte has dropped out of society and joined a commune on Gondol Island. So Emily and Anne build a canoe to rescue her. In this off-center dramedy about family, social media, and fame, individual secrets and desires are revealed which could tear the sisters apart.

Descendents MADlab

Descendents by JJ Strong
Directed by Vesna Hocevar
Michael Shutt, Dramaturg
Cast: Nathan Mohebbi, Christy Keefe, Randy Wade Kelley
Eighteen-year old Jordan has inherited his grandmother’s house in Queens. And he’s got big plans. He invited his friend Bradley, who has run away from home, to help turn the space into a boarding house for runaway teens. When their first guests arrive in the form of Carla, a capricious teenage runaway, and Greg, a gun-toting gutter-punk, the boys are confronted with a chaotic and harsh reality that will challenge them in ways they never thought possible.

Find Brother MADlab

Find Brother by Trey Nichols
Directed by Jason Duplissea
Sara Wagner, Dramaturg
Cast: Brian Majestic, Robert Paterno, T. Lynn Makeska, Laura Buckles
Dwayne Pfeiffer is distraught.  His brother–a private military contractor in Afghanistan–has gone missing, and the government is no help.  When Dwayne hires aspiring filmmaker Vince Penerdzhyan to put together an internet video project aimed at bringing attention to his brother’s plight, patriotism descends into pornography…but with the best of intentions.  Anything goes when the ends justify the means, right?  God Bless America and KFC mashed potatoes!

Special Thanks to Cherry Lawn Circle, Los Angeles County Arts Commission and The Elephant Theatre for their support in making this program possible.