June 15 – 19, 2011

“This unique melding of site-specific theater and freeway crawl should be hailed as a local treasure… the production’s voyeuristic appeal is undeniable.” —LA Weekly

The Car Plays examines what transpires in vehicles and gives the theater patrons a voyeuristic view inside many of these moments and lives.

In Los Angeles, we constantly break up in cars, make up in cars, laugh, live and die in cars.  This year’s installment of The Car Plays, conceived by former Moving Arts Artistic Director Paul Stein, will be presented at the inaugural RADAR L.A. Festival.  This collection of fifteen to thirty 10-minute pieces are all written by Moving Arts and other Angeleno playwrights.  The plays are presented INSIDE actual cars – with an audience of two to each car.  Each night features fifteen parked cars separated into three rows of five.  Carhops escort audience (individual parties of two) to the parked vehicles, wherein all of the ten-minute plays are simultaneously performed.  In the span of one hour the audience experiences five distinct stories.

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Get the scoop about the history of The Car Plays! Read Artistic Producer Paul Stein’s article chronicling the creation of The Car Plays at the L.A. Stage Times blog.

Paul Stein – Creator and Artistic Producer
Steve Lozier^ – Producer
Kim Glann^ – Producer
Cece Tio^ – Producer
Lemuel H. Thornton III – Assistant Producer
Dylan Gardner – Stage Manager
Cirby Hatano – Stage Manager
Vesna Hocevar^ – Stage Manager
Bradley McCoy – Stage Manager
Jessica Smith^ – Graphic Designer


*Actors Equity Member ^Moving Arts Member


June 15 & 17, 2011
6:00 / 7:30 / 9:00

Walking Tour Guide – Rebecca Davis*^

Car 1 – Disneyland
Playwright: Paul Stein
Director: Dana Schwartz
Mom: Madelynn Fattibene

Car 2 – Flooding
Playwright: Jami Brandli
Director: Kiff Scholl
Brandon: Peter James Smith
Charlie: John Copeland

Car 3 – Cruising Con La Virgen
Playwright: Joe Luis Cedillio
Director: Dino Dinco
Señora: Edward E Cohen
Chicken Boy: Abel Soto

Car 4 – Am I Losin’
Playwright: Ron Klier
Director: Ross Kramer
Pat: Derrick LeMont*
Karl: Andrew Miller

Car 5 – The Love of Make-Believe
Playwright: JJ Strong
Director: Kiff Scholl
Brooke: Laura Buckles^
Kyle: Donald Rizzo

Car 6 – Drop-Off Day
Playwright: EM Lewis^
Director: Michael Shutt^
Soo-Min “Minnie” Park: VyVy Nguyen
Barbara Park: Porter Kelly

Car 7 – Sunday in the Hood
Playwright: Terence Anthony^
Director: Jason Duplissea^
James: Larry Powell*
Ashley: Jenny Gillett^
Pierre: Jason Duplissea^

Car 8 – Prom: Time Out
Playwright: Meghan Gambling
Director: Jenifer Yeuroukis*
Lydia: Sarah Greyson
Katie: Katie Malia

Car 9 – The Audience
Playwright: Kiff Scholl
Director: Matt Bretz
Amanda: Kim Ward
Mike: Casey Nelson

Car 10 – Abraham & Isaac
Playwright: Allain Rochel
Director: Nataki Garrett
Abe: Alex Morris
Isaac: Edward Rowley

Car 11 – We Wait
Playwright: Steve Lozier^
Director: Armina LaManna*
Walter: Corey Klemow*
Duncan: Herb Hall*

Car 12 – Hipsters
Playwright: Jason Duplissea^
Director: Miles Feld
Dude: Terrence Colby Clemons
Chick: Melanie Minichino

Car 13 – Dragon Compact
Playwright: Cindy Marie Jenkins
Director: Kelly Lohman
Girl: Amanda Troop*
Dragon: Richard Miraan

Car 14 – Tommy Got His Gun
Playwright: Sara Israel
Director: Reena Dutt
Tommy: Wilson Bethel
Maggie: Grace Eboigbe

Car 15 – Hollywood Hills
Playwright: Stephanie Alison Walker
Director: Zeke Rettman
Missy: Jenn Swirtz
D: T. Lynn Mikeska


Thursday / Saturday
June 16 & 18, 2011
6:00 / 7:30 / 9:00

Walking Tour Guide – Rebecca Davis*^

Car 1 – Before We Go Home
Playwright: Richard Martin Hirsch
Director: Darin Anthony
Rich: Michael Shutt^
Sue: D.J. Harner*

Car 2 – Todd’s Hollywood Tours
Playwright: Trey Nichols^
Director: Julie Briggs
Todd: Brent Popolizio
Todd’s Mom: Mary Beth Pape*

Car 3 – Choke Chain
Playwright: Jennifer Maisel
Director: Sara Wagner^
Assistant Dir: Terence Anthony^
Mae: Lauri Hendler
Zina: Tammy Klein

Car 4 – Chasm
Playwright: Lee Wochner^
Director: Patrick Varon
Michael: Nick Cernoch*
Annie: Jennie Kwan*

Car 5 – Two Fellas, One Fella
Playwright: Paul Stein
Director: Michael David
Hamman: Jon Amirkhan^
Ray Anthony: Dan Wingard*

Car 6 – Custody
Playwright: Morgan Krantz^
Director: Steve Lozier^
Mitchell: Tony DeCarlo
Bart: Sean Eaton

Car 7 – Shampooed
Playwright: Fielding Edlow
Director: Ron Klier
Vic: Jennifer Christopher*
Hannah: Kieren van den Blink

Car 8 – Bunker Hill
Playwright: Michael David
Director: Paul Stein
Assistant Dir: Jonathan Josephson
Writer: Jack Sundmacher*
Man: Rick Kent
Woman: Tania Getty

Car 9 – The Audience
Playwright: Kiff Scholl
Director: Matt Bretz
Adam: David Youse*
Mike: Ron Morehouse

Car 10 – Warriors
Playwright: Will Hackner
Director: Vesna Hocevar^
Man 1: Morgan Krantz^
Man 2: Darren Capozzi

Car 11 – Disneyland
Playwright: Paul Stein
Director: Dana Schwartz
Dad: Trey Nichols^

Car 12 – The P.T.A.
Playwright: Dana Schwartz
Director: Julie Briggs
Meredith: Evie Hammer^
Lola: Krista Conti

Car 13 – What Happened to Us
Playwright: Bryan Davidson
Director: Aaron Henne
Don: Paul Vroom
Mary: Maya Parish

Car 14 – Waiting for the Tow
Playwright: Herman Poppe*
Director: Kimberley Browning
Beverly: Lauren Letherer
Allen: David Lee Garver*

Car 15 – The Love of Make-Believe
Playwright: JJ Strong
Director: Kiff Scholl
Brooke: McCready Baker*
Kyle: David Bertolami