MAY, 2014

Magellanica: A New and Accurate Map of the World (a reading of a play in progress) and The Gun Show (a workshop presentation) were directed by Darin Anthony.


Conceived as a five-part play, which would be performed over two evenings or one long day, Magellanica: A New and Accurate Map of the World takes us literally to farthest corner of the planet, Antarctica, for a battle over the ozone hole that is or is not forming there and who just might be to blame. An international group of scientists and researchers take up residence at an American research station for a long, cold, desolate winter filled with discovery and wonder.

Captain Adam Burrell – Chuma Gault
Freddie de la Rosa – Christian Wolf
Dr. Morgan Halsted – Sara Wagner
Dr. Vadik Chapayev – Michael Shutt
Dr. Todor Kozlek – Jonathan H. Amirkhan
Dr. May Zhou – Mia Danelle
Dr. Lars Brotten – Matthew McCray
Dr. William Huffington – Dan Billet
Stage Directions – Rebecca Davis

the gun show

The Gun Show is a piece that jumps right into the middle of the gun control issue. Falling not right or left but investigating a different area of the argument: the personal. EM Lewis, Darin Anthony, Matthew Quinlan, and Chuma Gault spent a week re-working and developing new material for an exclusive Los Angeles performance.

Dramaturg – Matthew Quinlan
“The Playwright” played by Chuma Gault